5 E-Book Apps For Android You Should Have!

Apps for AndroidKindle: Amazon’s app for Android has become one of the more loved e-book apps available in the market. The store has close to a million titles available that can be downloaded whenever you like. This means your phone can be stocked up with your favorite books and new titles to try out. You can also use it to browse the bookstore. As a bonus, you can sync the app with your Kindle reader and pick up the book on either platform, making this one of the must have e-book apps for Android.

Goodreads: The website has become quite popular on social networking websites and the app is just about as good. It is a useful app for when you’re browsing through books in the real world and need a quick review before you pick up a new copy. You can also use it to rate books, put up a list of read books and connect with other members. The barcode reader will allow you to find user generated reviews and prices of the book at other bookstores. It simply screams out best e-book apps for Android award!

Google Goggles: Google Goggles takes the Goodreads experience one step further by allowing you to scan the book simply by taking a photograph. You don’t need to get as far as the barcode, you can just snap a pic and have the reviews show up immediately. The app is not meant for book previewing specifically, but is just about as handy as dedicated apps when it comes to looking up books with hidden or damaged barcodes.

Book Catalogue: An open source app with the ability to put your books into catalogs of read, unread and to-be-read. What more could users want? It searches for books the Amazon, LibraryThing and Google Books store, so that you can immediately add it to a collection. The same can be done through the ISBN and barcode scanner. It’s a simple app with no unnecessary frills and is perfect to keep track of all the books you love and a winner in the race for e-book apps for Android.

Wattpad: If looking up books written by amateurs on the web is your things, Wattpad is the perfect app. Apart from the 100,000 titles available for reading, you can also look for fan fiction, unpublished books and small time books that never hit the big markets. It gives users the chance to discover fresh content every time they open it up, making it one of the better e-book apps for Android.

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